Disclaimer & Terms


  • If your address changes in between the time of you placing your order and the order being shipped, it is the customers responsibility to inform Witchcraft Whips of the new address. Any additional costs related to a parcel being shipped to a wrongful address due to Witchcraft Whips not being informed will be covered by the customer. (Normally another shipping fee).
  • By completing a financial transaction with Witchcraft Whips (paying for one or more items/services) you represent that you are at least 18 years of age or have reached the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction of residence. 
  • Any use of our products are at your own risk. Witchcraft Whips accept no responsibility for any harm or damage caused by their use or misuse to any property, person or product itself.
  • As most of our products are custom made we don’t accept any returns of any items unless the item is defect upon delivery. If a delivered item is defect upon receiving it, document potential damages to the box along with its content and contact us within 7 days and we will resolve the problem as best we can.
  • We ship all over the world regularly and sometimes parcels arrive quickly, other times they get held up temporarily at sorting facilities/transport hubs. Witchcraft Whips can not control or guarantee how fast or when a parcels gets delivered. Normally the shipping within the EU is 1-2 weeks, North America and Australia 2-3 weeks. 
  • All whips and other customized products are shipped with priority, insurance and tracking (when available), which is very safe and reliable. If a parcel goes missing in transit (extremely rare), our carrier will be allowed the time they need to investigate and try to locate/deliver the parcel. When and if the carrier deems the parcel as lost, a new product will be made and shipped to you as soon as possible. 
  • We make all our products by hand with natural materials. This means that variations in thicknesses, colors, weights or other aspects might occur. This is what makes hand made products unique. We don’t use molds, robots or machines. Only hands and tools.