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Kangaroo leather colors
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Below you will find information and a general price guide for whips and other products. We usually do two-tone and basic pattern work at no extra charge. However, some customization-/changes might affect the price. Regardless of where you are in the world, shipping for whips is only 300sek (about 30usd).

IMPORTANT: The prices on this page do not show VAT (25%), which will be added for customers within the European Union. Given the free trade agreement within the EU, customers within the EU usually don’t pay any import or customs fees.

Listing every product and option available on this page would not be possible, so if you’re interested in anything not seen here, you are more than welcome to contact us.

The prices are in Swedish Krona. Please feel free to use a Currency converter to determine the price in your appropriate currency.

Aussie Bullwhip

Aussie-style Bullwhips have become more and more popular over the years. Many whip crackers have them as their favorite model, and it is easy to see why. Compared to the Classic Bullwhip, the Aussie model have a narrower profile, lighter weight, and a longer handle. The longer handle provides extra leverage and control. That (in combination with the lighter weight) makes for an elegant, fast-moving, extremely accurate, and versatile whip. Fit for lightning-fast routines, effortless cracking, beautiful flow, and pinpoint accuracy.

The Aussie Bullwhips are our best selling model and they come standard with a 12” handle, two plaited kangaroo hide bellies, cowhide core/bolster, and a lead-weighted heel for balance and feel. Being designed and fine-tuned to perfection, there’s just no way you can go wrong with an Aussie. If you want to take your whip cracking experience to the next level the whip can be fitted with a Dyneema Fall (+1500sek). The Aussie Bullwhips are measured from the heel knot to where the fall starts.


Classic Bullwhip

The name says it all in a way. The Classic Bullwhip embodies the old-school western Bullwhip but in a more refined version. It has some additional girth and weight to it, making it a very powerful tool. The 8mm steel handle foundation (along with a lead-loaded heel) provides a great solid feel in hand. This model utilizes its weight, leverage, and beautiful taper to transfer the energy from your hand to the tip of the cracker. Providing good solid cracks, with authority!

Our Classic Bullwhips are naturally weighted, comes standard with a 10” handle, two plaited kangaroo hide bellies, cowhide core/bolster(s), and lead-weighted heel knot. If you’re into slower cracking routines and like a bit of heft to your whip, look no further. The Classic Bullwhip truly is a tried and true classic! Can be fitted with a Dyneema Fall (+1500sek). The Classic Bullwhips are measured from the heel knot to where the fall starts.


Black Star Bullwhip

The Black Star Bullwhip is our single most powerful bullwhip model. It might look similar to other whips, but this is something else. It features the leverage and finesse of the Aussie but scaled up to the proportions of the Classic. A heavier whip with massive leverage, beautiful flow and precision. In combination with a Dyneema Fall, everything comes together to form a mighty whip. Cracking it is a jaw dropping experience, and you will likely find yourself reaching for your Black Star more than any other whip in your bag.

The Black Star Bullwhip comes in single color (accent colors in heel knot is possible), 12” handle, two plaited kangaroo hide bellies, cowhide core/bolsters, and lead weighted heel for balance. The weight is carried well out into the thong and the Dyneema Fall makes it a great whip for body wraps and similar tricks, as well as all round general cracking. The whip is measured from the heel knot to where the fall starts.


Indiana Jones Style Bullwhip

Being a true icon in the whip-world, the Indiana Jones Style Bullwhips are always popular and never out of style. This is the whip model that belongs in any enthusiast’s collection. Just like the original Indy whips made by the late David Morgan, our Indy Style Bullwhip features an 8” Nail Spike handle foundation, two kangaroo hide bellies, cowhide core/bolsters, 12 plait overlay, 6 strand wrist loop, and robust lead-weighted heel knot. The only significant difference between our version and the original design is that we end the thong with 8 strands instead of 6.

Our Indy Style Bullwhips can be made in any length from 6ft and up. When Indy cracks his whips on screen, it is often an 8ft whip, and when it is seen coiled on his belt, it is often a 10 footer. The Indy Style Bullwhips are measured from the heel knot to where the fall starts.



The Stockwhip is a whip with strong Australian roots and the most prominent model for advanced two-handed routines. The Australian whip crackers are well renowned for their complex tricks, and this is the whip they developed for the job. Unlike many other whips, the Stockwhip thong and handle are two separate pieces joined together with two leather loops (keepers). This creates a universal joint that (in combination with the longer handle) allows the whip to change directions quickly. Making it ideal for fast and complex routines.
If you want to explore all the possibilities whip-cracking offers, the Stockwhip is for you.

Our Half Plait Handles are made out of either traditional tohiti cane or tapered maple. The Full Plait Handles are made out of tapered and steel lined cane. The Stockwhips are measured from the keeper to where the fall starts.

Choose your Thong length/-plait count and your desired handle (half plait or full plait). The handle plait should be equal to (or higher than) your thong plait.



Snakewhip Leather

Snakewhips differ from Bullwhips in two main ways. The first and most noticeable is the lack of a rigid handle. This makes them fully flexible all the way through and means there’s no leverage in the whip itself. However, to make up for this, they have (unlike the bullwhips) a lead-/shotloaded core that provides a healthy amount of weight to the whip itself. That extra weight in the center of the whip is what gives the whip its ”oumph!”. Snakewhips are quite space-efficient. Without the handle, they can be coiled to fit in your backpack easily and is a top option if you plan on using your whip indoors or in close quarters.

Our Snakewhips are lead loaded, have a comfortable heel knot and cracks with the same ease as our bullwhips. If you’re planning on using your whip indoors or want to be able to bring a whip on all your adventures, a Snakewhip would be the way to go. Can be fitted with a Dyneema Fall (+1500sek). The Snakewhips are measured from the heel knot to where the fall starts.



Signalwhips are popular whips for use indoors or in close quarters. The primary reason for this is that they don’t have a fall, making them a lot shorter than the Bullwhips and Snakewhips. Their length is measured from the heel knot to where the cracker attaches. Our Signalwhips have become quite popular due to their special Dyneema tail assembly, which is much smoother and less abrasive than the nylon thread used by many other makers. The taper is gradually brought down to a fine point slower than usual, making it handle better than Signalwhips usually do. In addition, the Signalwhips are fitted with a braided loop for easy cracker replacement.

The Signalwhips are measured from the heel knot to the cracker loop.


Collectors Whips

All whips can be made to look unique, but the Collectors whips take things to a new level. A Collectors whip (depending on its intricacy) can take days to design and prepare before any actual work is done on the whip. The whip pictured here is an award winning 6ft Stockwhip. The 48 strands used in the handle were cut to 1 mm in width and split down to 0.5mm in thickness. This particular whip took 104h to make. If you’re interested in a Collectors whip, you’re welcome to contact us to discuss the options available.


Hatband Bullwhips

Hatband Bullwhips are little light weight 8 plait whips made to be worn around your hat, but they can also be used for spontaneous whip-cracking fun! They measure about 26” from the heel knot to the start of the fall and fit nicely around any hat (tied on and adjusted with the fall).

To the right you can see Jason Momoa showing off his Witchcraft Whips Hatband Bullwhip to James Corden.


Plaited Hatbands

Leather hatband braided

Being cut and plaited from the finest kangaroo leather available, a proper hatband can lift and bring new life to any hat. And they don’t need to cost a fortune! The price range is very wide depending on if you’re looking for a basic model or something exceptional and elaborate. We love making hatbands as they allow for a lot of creativity, are made to fit your specific hat (in size, style, and color), and make your hat genuinely unique. Available in all our standard colors.

Prices starts at 1000sek.


Cat O’Nine Tails

Our Cat O’nine Tails are crafted from the same high-end kangaroo leather (and with as much attention to detail) as any other whip. They have a lead-loaded core, nine plaited tails, and a smooth overlay. The thong has a bit of taper just like a whip would and provides a very smooth snakewhip-ish feel to each throw. Customizations are available.


Other products/services

We also offer other products and services such as Whip Repairs, Whip Cracking Lessons, Whipmaking/Plaiting Lessons/Workshops, Dog Leads & Collars.

Contact us with any questions or inquiries.