Whip Measurements

If you’re new to whips, the measurements can sometimes be confusing. Whips are generally measured by their braided length as this is the expensive bit you pay for, and the length of the fall and cracker can vary from one whip to the next. This is due to them being tapered and trimmed to fit each individual whip. We refer to this as “tuning the whip” to have it crack as nicely as possible. Something our whips are famous for.

Below you can see how we measure the whips that we offer. Note that the Fall and the Cracker are never included in the whips’ measured length. A fall usually is 18-24″ long, and a cracker about 8-10″. This means that a 6ft Bullwhip will be closer to 9ft long if it were to be measured from end to end. Stockwhips are only measured by their thong as the handle is separate. A Stockwhip handle will be about 18-21″.